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About Us

Innovative Rack and Gear

Over 25 year ago, when Zen and Jerry started the company, we set out to be the best source for gear racks in various industries. And since that time, Innovative Rack & Gear has developed a solid reputation for quality and service. 

Now, we are excited to become a part of Avers Machine & Gear ( www.aversmachine.com ).  Through the synergies and skilled craftsmen of both world class companies, we continue to provide the quality gear racks many have come to expect, in addition to a wide variety of gearing and machining capabilities.

Investments in the latest technologies for precision gear & gear rack manufacturing and highly skilled craftsmen, are the reasons why Innovative Rack & Gear (IRGCo) / Avers Machine & Gear should be your quality source for your manufacturing needs.  Customers’ requirements are met with dependable service. 

Uncompromised quality, focused customer service and unrivaled attention to detail will continue to be the cornerstone of the service that both names provide to all our customers.

IRGCo manufactures a wide variety of custom commercial and precision, high quality gear racks for the machine tool, automation, construction, mining, oil, gas, offshore, steel, healthcare, precision instrument, aerospace, and defense industries among others.

Reverse engineering on replacement parts and break down service are provided for those times of critical need.  A commitment to customers leads us to strive for the most economical solution, whether custom tailored to your needs or using standard alternatives, without compromising quality and with finished products delivered on time.

With Avers Machine & Gear’s assortment of 5 & 6 axis machine capabilities, we can handle more complicated aspects of general machining as well as quality ground blanks with our CNC automatic surface grinders.

We look forward to earning your confidence and your business.

Zen J. Cichon, President

Jerry Cichon, Vice-President